In the latest edition of NORD’s State Report Card we analyze all 50 states and Washington, D.C., on nine policy issues that impact the rare disease community. Each state has their own individual report card (as seen below), but for more background on the report and to view additional resources, please visit the State Report Card landing page.

Medicaid Financial Eligibility : F

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  • Medicaid Eligibility for Childless Adults: F
  • Medicaid Eligibility for Parents of a Dependent Child: C
  • Medicaid Eligibility or Pregnant Women: B
  • Medicaid Eligibility for Children: B

Medical Nutrition : F

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  • Private Insurance Coverage Requirements: F
  • Private Insurance Covered Disorders: F
  • State-Funded Coverage Requirements: F
  • State-Funded Covered Disorders: F

Newborn Screening : B

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  • Screening for RUSP Core Conditions Grade: B
  • Adding Screens Grade: B Funding Grade: B
  • DBS Use Grade: B
  • AC Grade: C

Prescription Drug Out-of-Pocket Costs : C

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Protecting Patients in State Medicaid Programs : Fail

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Protecting Patients in State-Regulated Insurance : D

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  • Initial Plan Duration
  • Grade: D Renewals Grade: F
  • Maximum Duration Grade: D

Rare Disease Advisory Councils : Yes

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  • Has a Rare Disease Advisory Council?: Yes

Step Therapy (Fail First) : F

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  • Categories: F
  • Exceptions Process: F
  • Clinical Practice: F
  • Timeline: F

Telehealth : Fail

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  • Member of Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC)?: Fail



RDACInterested in giving the rare disease community in your state a voice in state government? Learn more about NORD’s work on Rare Disease Advisory Councils (RDACs) and how you can get involved with RDAC activities in your state.

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