The Palmetto Health Collective was formed to bring together patient advocacy organizations supporting South Carolina to share and collaborate on the work and resources of each of our organizations. We also strive to provide patients and families affected by rare and chronic diseases additional recourses that may provide education, support and information.

The consortium will strive to bring awareness in addressing gaps in accessing treatment and healthcare coverage, as well as other barriers, that hinder those affected within South Carolina to live quality lives. 


National Organization for Rare Disorders

The mission of NORD is to improve the health and well-being of people with rare diseases by driving advances in care, research, and policy.

South Carolina Rare Disease Advisory Council

The council shall advise the Governor, the General Assembly, and other stakeholders on research, diagnosis, treatment, and education related to rare diseases.

Global Genes Logo

Global Genes Allies in Rare Disease

Global Genes provides hope for the more than 400 million people affected by rare disease around the globe. We fulfill our mission by helping patients find and build communities, gain access to information and resources, connect to researchers, clinicians, industry, government, and other stakeholders, share data and experiences, stand up, stand out, and become effective advocates on their own behalf.

The Norris Lab, College of Medicine at MUSC

The Norris Lab, College of Medicine at MUSC

The Norris Lab, College of Medicine at MUSC The Norris Lab is a multidisciplinary environment with students and postdocs using various molecular, biochemical, biomechanical and "omic" tools to understand a host of common and rare connective tissue diseases.

Greenwood Genetic Center

The Greenwood Genetic Center

The Greenwood Genetic Center is a nonprofit institute organized to provide clinical genetic services, diagnostic laboratory testing, educational programs and resources, and research in the field of medical genetics.

Chronic Disease Coalition

The Chronic Disease Coalition

The Chronic Disease Coalition advocates at the state and national level on behalf of people with chronic diseases. Through education and training, we also empower the community of chronic warriors to use their voices to make direct change in the American health care system.

National Association of Chronic Disease

National Association of Chronic Disease

NACDD improves the health of the public by strengthening state and national leadership and expertise for chronic disease prevention and control. NACDD promotes social justice and wellbeing so that communities can build healthier futures.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Chronic diseases are defined broadly as conditions that last 1 year or more and require ongoing medical attention or limit activities of daily living or both.

Center for Disease Control

CDC Rare Diseases

The CDC Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base (PHGKB) has been tracking the public health impact of advances in genomics and precision technologies. Every day, we provide new information and publications for researchers, health care providers, policy makers, and the general public.